Riding the TNGA – Interview with Josh and Daryl

On August 19, at 8:00 AM, on the Georgia-South Carolina border near the Chattooga river, two Singlespeed Militia riders rolled up to the starting line of the Trans-North Georgia Adventure bikepacking race.   Three days, 16 hours, and 12 minutes later, after

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Featured Bike – Mayhem’s Sir 9

First of all, the Niner SIR9 frame is my favorite frame of all time. In spite of having cracked 2 chainstays and being on my 3rd frame, Niner has treated me right and stood by their warranty. The only thing

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Georgia as a Mountain Bike Destination

Nestled in a remote area of the North Georgia mountains is a small US Army base known as Camp Frank D. Merrill.  But anyone familiar with the military elite knows it by a different name: Army Mountain Ranger School. This

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Militia Approved – Endless Bike’s Kick Ass Cogs

We like the lunatic fringe.  A couple decades ago, mountain bikers were the lunatic fringe of cyclists.  Now that mountain biking is fairly mainstream, singlespeeders may be considered the lunatic fringe of mountain biking.  Extrapolating further, Endless Bike Co. owner

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Interview with Lisa Randall of Mountain Goat Adventures

What’s it take to be considered a local mountain bike icon?  For some, it’s the rider who’s standing on top of the podium, year after year, in the toughest races.  For many, a mountain bike icon is the person who

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Featured Bike – Josh Bowden’s Canfield Nimble 9

Featured this month is Josh “Beaker” Bowden’s new Canfield Nimble 9 in gorgeous Militia blue.  Read on for Josh’s review of his new frame and full component list. I have to give my Militia brother, Todd Eglitis — known internally

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Upgrading from Bland to Badass – Buli Built Wheels at Sixes Pit

Admit it.  You want a badass bike.  Sure, you can say “it’s not about the bike” all you want but the fact of the matter is that most mountain bikers eventually want an awesome bike. Some want the hottest bike they

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